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What's the Buzz About GPTs?

On November 6, 2023, I found myself hooked to the live stream of OpenAI's Developer Day. After Sam showcased GPT-Turbo, they dropped something even more exciting: GPTs. Witnessing the demo, I sensed a revolution brewing, a chance to fully tap into the potential of GPT-4 and beyond.


Yes, we're talking about a tool for crafting AI Agents. Until now, these were the domain of tech giants and dev teams, leveraging GPT-4 and other LLMs through intricate coding. The consensus is clear:

AI Agents, with their remarkable integration and problem-solving prowess, are reshaping the future of LLM models.

But GPTs rewrote the script. It democratized the power of crafting AI Agents, previously the forte of tech circles, into something extraordinarily simple for everyone. The impact was immediate and monumental. Within a week post-Developer Day, creators globally had churned out thousands of shareable GPT apps. The craze for ChatGPT Plus, fueled by GPTs, led to a temporary halt in new subscriptions.

Absolutely mind-blowing.

Why Gapier?

After creating numerous GPT apps and devouring all the development docs, I explored what others had crafted. A week later, I found myself musing:

  • Surprisingly, 95% of GPT apps were just clever mixes of a Prompt and three GPT tools.
  • Creating with GPTs felt less like traditional app development and more like a form of creative expression.
  • There will inevitably be a huge number of GPTs, but there will also inevitably be a large amount of similarity.
  • Why weren't more people leveraging Actions to unlock new possibilities? Agents are meant to tackle real-world problems, after all.

The answer hit me. For the everyday creator, extending GPT's abilities with Actions APIs seemed like a Herculean task. I had a tryst with Zapier, an incredible tool for SaaS integrations, but it wasn't quite the right fit for this scenario. GPTs creators needed something simpler, more foundational.

That's how Gapier came to life.

Gapier = GPTs + Actions APIs + For Creator

Designed for every creator, especially those not versed in coding, Gapier is a gateway to over 50 capabilities that even seasoned developers might take time to master. Empower your creative endeavors with GPT-4, turning specific tasks into achievements.

Crafting Astonishing Scenarios?

During our development phase, we stumbled upon some incredible uses:

  • By blending movie search, image search, and virtual character APIs, GPT began crafting graphic movie reviews.
  • Merging a browser, news interface, and poster generation APIs, I envisioned a daily news image GPT, generating tweet-ready news posters at the click of a button.
  • Integrating a knowledge base with domain status query API, GPT transformed into a bulk product naming wizard, checking domain availability on the fly.
  • Combining holiday query and current time APIs, GPTs helped sketch out future e-commerce promotional strategies.

The synergy between Actions APIs and GPT-4 sparked limitless creativity. Friends who tried it were unanimous in its value, compelling me to widen its reach. Thus, I geared up for its ProductHunt debut:

What Lies Ahead?

The future of Gapier is an open question. As I prepped for the launch, OpenAI was rocked by an unprecedented crisis, casting a shadow over our plans. In a dramatic turn of events, Sam and several employees faced expulsion, with over 700 staff threatening to walk out. I braced for the worst.

But, as luck would have it, on November 22, 2023, OpenAI announced Sam's return, and calm returned. Gapier, too, made strides in its perfection.

So, what's next?

  1. Launch on ProductHunt.
  2. Roll out a Pro paid API plan, building on the free offerings.
  3. Develop a showcase page for advanced GPTs applications.
  4. Keep evolving with new and improved Actions APIs.
  5. Weekly updates, keeping our commitment to everyone who believes in Gapier.


Author: Kane

The creator of Gapier, serving as both the product manager and programmer.

A serial entrepreneur, and former senior product director at Xiaomi Technology.