ChatGPT Action : GoogleSearch

GPTs Action Info

  • OperationId: GoogleSearch
  • Name: Google Search
  • Description: Use Google to search for keywords

You can use the following statement in your GPT Prompt to explicitly indicate the use of this action:

Use the Gapier Action "GoogleSearch" to do something...


How to integrate this Action into your GPT?

  1. Register a Gapier account to get a free Action URL and Key.
  2. When creating a GPT in ChatGPT, scroll to Actions and click the "Create New Action" button.
  3. Choose "API Key" for Authentication and enter the Key obtained from Gapier.
  4. Click "Import from URL" and enter the Action URL obtained from Gapier.
  5. In the Available actions list, you will see all the available Gapier Actions. Click "test" to perform a test.
  6. Copy the Privacy policy from Gapier and paste it into the "Privacy policy" input box if your GPT needs to share it with others.

There is a tutorial with text and images here, you may need: How to integrate Gapier with GPTs in 60 seconds?

More information? Visit ChatGPT to ask the demo GPT

For more details about this action, you can visit the following example GPT:

[Example GPTs]

This GPT is a demo and also serves as an assistant for creating GPT. You can ask it for specific instructions on using a particular GPT. You can also share your requirements, and it will assist you in understanding how to accomplish them using Gapier's Action API. Give it a try!