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  • The Story Behind Gapier Page
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  • The Role of Gapier Page
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The Story Behind Gapier Page

I'm Kane, the creator of Gapier.

Launched in November, Gapier provides GPTs users with a set of free Actions, enabling the creation of unique GPT applications. Last week, with the launch of the GPT Store, GPTs - a rough yet powerful AI app form - reemerged in the spotlight.

Throughout December, I engaged with Gapier users, many of whom created robust GPT apps using our Actions. My friends and I continuously developed new GPTs, added new Actions, and optimized existing ones.

It became increasingly clear to me that:

  • The real value in GPTs comes from the use of Actions, especially evident after the GPT Store launch.
  • Most GPT creators are non-technical, struggling to write complex Action code.
  • They also find it challenging to create and maintain a website showcasing their work.
  • Everyone is puzzled about how to promote their GPTs to a broader audience.
  • GPT Store is great, but it seems hard for regular users to gain traffic and attention there.

So, before the GPT Store launch, I immediately began working on the Gapier Page product.


The Role of Gapier Page

In essence, Gapier Page addresses three issues:

1. Traffic Acquisition: Create a website for your AI apps that is SEO-friendly, searchable, shareable, showcases multiple GPTs, and directs traffic to your other apps.


2. Increasing Followers: Easily display your social media accounts, functioning similarly to products like some Bio products.


3. Domain Verification: Provides a subdomain for GPT domain verification, with the subdomain redirecting to your site. This domain will be displayed on all your GPT launch pages.


I believe AI will turn everyone into creators, giving all the opportunity to develop apps without learning to code. Gapier Page's mission is to showcase your apps, drive traffic, and convert that traffic.

Having founded other companies, I understand the biggest initial challenges in internet product creation are crafting unique products and gaining attention. Once these are tackled, monetization naturally follows.

In next blog post, I will share how you can create a GPTs Page in just 60 seconds.


Author: Kane

The creator of Gapier, serving as both the product manager and programmer.

A serial entrepreneur, and former senior product director at Xiaomi Technology.